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In a previous article we showed you how you get a  random fact using a library - In this example we will create a simple GUI app using tkinter Installation pip install randfacts Code import randfacts def get_fact(): txt1.config(state='normal') txt1.delete('1.0', tk.END) myfact = randfacts.getFact(False)...
In this example we will create a calendar using tkinter and python Code #Importing modules from tkinter import * import calendar #function to show calendar of the year def showCalender(): gui = Tk() gui.config(background='grey') gui.title("Calender for the year") gui.geometry("550x600") year = int(year_field.get()) gui_content= calendar.calendar(year) calYear...
In this article we show how to create radio buttons using Tkinter and python A Radiobutton shows multiple choices to the user out of which, the user can select only one out of them. You can then attach a method or function to that button....

The tkinter menu is a top-level pulldown menu. A lot of apps use a menu system for many functions such as file options like copy and paste Syntax mymenu =.

In this article we show you how to add scrollbars to tour Tkinter gui. You can create a horizontal or vertical scrollbars Syntax w = Scrollbar(top, options) This is a list of possible options. Option Description activebackground The background color of the widget when it has the focus....
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