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In this example we show you how to create a pdf with text in it using PyCairo Code import cairo def main(): ps = cairo.PDFSurface("testfile.pdf", 504, 648) cr = cairo.Context(ps) cr.set_source_rgb(0, 0, 0) cr.select_font_face("Sans", cairo.FONT_SLANT_NORMAL, cairo.FONT_WEIGHT_NORMAL) cr.set_font_size(16) cr.move_to(10, 20) cr.show_text("This is sample text in the PDF.")...
Python has a variety of built-in methods that you can use on strings. Note: All string methods return new values. They do not change the original string. Method Description capitalize() Converts the first character to uppercase casefold() Converts a string into lowercase center() Returns a centered...
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