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Display info about your Nvidia graphics card in python

In this example we will display information about an Nvidia graphics card using GPUtil

GPUtil is a Python module for getting the GPU status from NVIDA GPUs using nvidia-smi.

GPUtil locates all GPUs on the computer, determines their availablity and returns a ordered list of available GPUs.

Availablity is based upon the current memory consumption and load of each GPU.


pip install gputil


NVIDIA GPU with latest NVIDIA driver installed. GPUtil uses the program nvidia-smi to get the GPU status of all available NVIDIA GPUs.

nvidia-smi should be installed automatically, when you install your NVIDIA driver.

Supports both Python 2.X and 3.X.


In this example we also use the tabulate package, not required but I use it to display the output in a neat way on the command line. We will talk about tabulate in another article

To install tabulate

pip install tabulate
# GPU information
import GPUtil
from tabulate import tabulate

print("="*40, "GPU Details", "="*40)

gpus = GPUtil.getGPUs()
list_gpus = []

for gpu in gpus:
    # get the GPU id
    gpu_id = gpu.id
    # name of GPU
    gpu_name = gpu.name
    # get % percentage of GPU usage of that GPU
    gpu_load = f"{gpu.load*100}%"
    # get free memory in MB format
    gpu_free_memory = f"{gpu.memoryFree}MB"
    # get used memory
    gpu_used_memory = f"{gpu.memoryUsed}MB"
    # get total memory
    gpu_total_memory = f"{gpu.memoryTotal}MB"
    # get GPU temperature in Celsius
    gpu_temperature = f"{gpu.temperature} °C"

        gpu_id, gpu_name, gpu_load, gpu_free_memory, gpu_used_memory,
        gpu_total_memory, gpu_temperature

print(tabulate(list_gpus, headers=("id", "name", "load", "free mem", "used mem", "total mem",




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