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Creating a Tuple in Python

In this example we show you how to create a tuple in python

A tuple can have items of different data types like integers, floats, lists, strings, etc;


There are 2 ways to create a tuple

  1. Use parenthesis (): A tuple is created by enclosing a comma separated items inside round brackets.
  2. Use a tuple() constructor: Create a tuple by passing the comma separated items inside the tuple().
number_tuple = (10, 20, 30)

# string tuple
string_tuple = ('Mercury', 'Venus', 'Mars')

# mixed type tuple
mixed_tuple = ('Mercury', 30, 40, [50, 60])

# create a tuple
sample_tuple = tuple(('Venus', 30, 40, [50, 60]))

When you run this you will see something like this

>>> %Run createtuple.py
(10, 20, 30)
('Mercury', 'Venus', 'Mars')
('Mercury', 30, 40, [50, 60])
('Venus', 30, 40, [50, 60])

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